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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Ravi Kumar

My name is Ravi Kumar. I come from Chandrapura. My mother name is Mamta Devi and my father name is Krishna Mali. I have two sisters and 1 brother. I am 10years old. When I was in Chandrapura, my mom used to take me with her to pick through garbage. My father also went to pick through garbage. RaviWhen I was 6years old, I also started picking through rubbish. Together, I, my mother, and my father used to collect the garbage and sell it and whatever money we got from selling we ran the whole house with it. Our home life was happily passing by. All of a sudden, one day my father got TB, and because of the illness there was an interruption in his work. And because of this I and my 5year old sister also started to go pick through garbage. After selling the garbage, half of the money made was spent on medication for my dad. One night my father died and my mother became a widow. It was my father’s dream that his son get educated and help the world, but he died. My mother wanted me to have an education but she herself was illiterate, she only knew a little reading, that’s why she took me to a hostel in Dhanbad for admission, but I wasn’t allowed, then my mother took me to the Hostel in Gomo but I didn’t get admission there either. Then my mother spoke to my father’s sister. And, my father’s sister told her, “My son Chandan studies at Divine Onkar Mission, so you should also admit your son there.” And my mother brought me to Divine Onkar Mission for admission and I got admitted. And now, I am 10 years old, and I read in Class III. I got 1st position in 6 Examinations. And we have all facilities in this school. In Future, when I will become big I want to become a teacher very much.


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