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Friday, February 25, 2005

Santosh's Life

This is my life story. I am Santosh Kumar. I am in Class 4. I am 15 years old and I am from Pundag village. My father name is Late Sahal Munda and my Mother name is Srimati Gaalo Devi. santoshI have one brother & one sister. I am the youngest member. I want to be a computer programmer.
My father used to work for CCL. When I was 8 years old, my father used to live separately because he had to attend his job.His accommodation was very close to the factory. We used to live with our family (mother, sister, brother and me) in the village, my brother and myself used to attend the village school. When my father got his salary every month he used to visit us. In the village, out of his money all our requirements entire family was leading in very happy life, but he was habitual drinker. He used to drink that much, which was beyond control. Alcohol ruined our happy family.
It was the festival “Holi” (festival of color) and his factory was close on that day and he had come to our village. He started drinking along each other friends. Nighttime his friend went back to there respective homes. My father was under the influence of alcohol. Night time my younger brother went to get latrine. No water was available in our room, so my father went to the well to fetch water for my brother, but very unfortunately, he lost control and fell into the well. My brother started crying. Hearing the noise my mother rushed to the well, she could not hear anything. My mother then went from door to door in the nearby houses. They all came out. Inside the well, it was completly dark. People managed to get a torch. But nothing was visible other than few bubbles at the top. The people assured us my father had drowned inside the well. My neighbors arranged a long rope. He made a Splice carried it inside the water well. After long time finally the rope entangled the fathers body. His dead body was recovered from the well. I was very sad
My father was the only earning member in our family. We had to discontinue our study because of poverty. After my fathers death, my mother nominated and recommended somebody for his job, who would look after us. But also he was a rouge and he cheated my mother. What ever she had saved with the bank, he withdrew everything and spent it. My mother started working as a labourer where she was told that Divine Onkar Mission helped children. So she approached the authority. By the grace of God, they accepted me as their student and I registered my name in the hostel school.
Ever since I have come here, here I am very happy with everything. Besides academic education. I am learning karate, computers, embroidery and tailoring. The mission is providing everything which is necessary for us free of cost.
I would like to say that Drink Wine but not like my father otherwise you will also loose your family. And there will only be darkness in your life. I am very lucky that I got Divine Onkar Mission.


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