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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Pawan's Story

My name is Pawan Kumar. I am a student of Class IX (9). I am 14 years old. I come from a village called Ichatu. My father’s name is late Shri Damru Mahto and my mother’s name is late Shrimati Dumri Devi. They are not living with me. They are no more in this world. I have four brothers and four sisters. I am the 7th member of my family. When my parents were alive, we were leading a happy life. pawan_blogThen I was very young. When my mother was suffering from fever. My father could do nothing, my mother’s became very serious. After that my father admitted my mother in to Hazaribagh Hospital and after a few days my mother became all right. She came home. Then she died all of a sudden. After that my father started drinking. My father got married again. Due to our step mother my father’s attitude towards us changed completely. She used to beat us without any reason. She would care for her child only. She never used to give us food. All she was interested in was to get us to do the various domestic jobs. We had to take the cow and goat to the forest for their food and collect woods for cooking purposes. Whatever our step mother saved our father would spend up to the last penny by drinking. My step mother was also suffering from fever. Soon she was unable to walk. She was treated many times but she was not cured. She became mad. In that situation a Divine Onkar Mission Hospital representative happened to visit our village. They felt pity by seeing the horrible condition of my stepmother. They were kind enough to admit her into the Hospital. My mother died in the hospital after some time father also died.

I belong to a poor family. The family management was taken over by my elder brother. However, he could not provide us every thing but he used to love us. He had heard of the mission. He approached the authority and by the grace of God. I was accepted as a boarding student in the Onkar School. Like me there are about two hundred students here getting free education. We pray together daily for a long, peaceful and happy life.

Besides academic education I have also learned that every man has some social responsibility. I have taken an oath that in the future when I became an earning member, I will not ignore the poor people. Certainly, I will do my best so that they also feel comfortable.

Pawan Kumar


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I met Pawan during my trip to India this past December. Having spent some amazing yet heart wrenching two weeks with these wonderful children it’s hard to imagine behind those beautiful smiles and laughs there is so much pain. At first impression Pawan appears the typical teenager, he’s into playing cricket and having fun with his friends, but spend some one on one time with him and you find there is so much history behind those eyes. Always, observing and thinking and full of questions. Questions about life, the world, and how things are done in other parts of the world, and how we can make it a better place. He has aspirations for himself...something very rare in his part of the world where being able to get a job as a labourer is expected to be the norm and not much education, if any at all, is available. DOM as you can see has given him the opportunity to grow up and become a contributing member of society and bring those in similar situations as him into a better way of life. Pawan and all the other children at the orphanage are the true inspiration because they move forward and grow despite what little life has given them and so much that has been taken away. It’s humbling to hear what they have endured in their very young lives. DOM has given them another chance at life. Above all, it’s given children like Pawan hope and a chance to realize their true potential.


11:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we seem to live life in the west always trying to find material satisfaction. Seems we may search our whole lifetime and never learn the simple truth. Our legacy does not live in material gains but in what we did. How we leave our impression in some way that is going to make a difference to the lives of others!

This teenager already has the insight and wisdom to know that true happiness comes from within. His adversity in life seems to have become his strength of character.

9:04 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A truely shocking story, yet pawan seems to so grown up and mature for his age.

what is this oath pawan speaks of?

please tell us more about pawan and the lives of the other children.

11:14 am  
Blogger Amar said...

I have asked the children to translate the oath and I will post that as soon as I receive it. I have plenty more of the childrens biographies and I will be posting one every other day now.
My aim is to get as many of the 179 children's biographies as possible. Fingers crossed I can get them all :-)

Please do give comments as the children monitor this site to read any that have been left.

4:15 pm  
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