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Friday, February 11, 2005

Miss. Manila Kumari

I am Manila. I am reading in class IX. I have been living in Divine Onkar Mission since 1998. I come from Chutupalu Pundag. It is 30km from my School. I have three Sisters and no Brothers. I am youngest in my family. Name of sisters are late Charki Devi, Mrs.Ugani Devi and Mrs.Asha Devi. My father’s name is late Mr.Ram Munda and my mother’s name is Mrs.Jhalo Devi. I was born on 6th March 1990 at Pundag Village. I belong to very poor family.manila_blog
When I was baby, at first my family was happy. My first sister (Charki Devi) was married. Then my father downed in a pond. The pond is near the village. We had tried to search for my Papa but we could not succeed. After one week we found the dead body of my Papa in the pond. The cremation was on the shoulders of my mummy and sisters. That time I was very innocent and did not know the effect of sorrow of my family.
After of my Papa’s funeral ceremony my mother went to work. When I was five years old , I used to go to a primary school for my study. My childhood dream was to study in a hostel. My two elder sisters were married with the help of my eldest sister. Then my eldest sister was no more in this world. She died on 7th May 2003. She had three sons. They then lived in our house. My mother looked after them.
On 4th Oct 1998 I came in this hostel by help of Rajesh Bhaiya. At first I was very sad because I was not with my family but now I am very happy because my childhood dream has completed. I want to be a lady doctor.
Beside academic education I have learned that every man has some social responsibility. I have taken an oath in future when I become an earning member then I would not ignore the poor people. Certainly I will do my best so that they also feel comfortable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its so uplifting to know that girls are having the chance at an education as their counterparts do in the west.
I think this is one of the most crucial steps in bringing such poverty stricken areas out of their predicament and become self sufficient and successful. The women are the backbone of this society as they are responsible for raising children, supporting the household and many times their husbands as well. This is indeed a big step forward. I wish Manila all the best and hope her dream of becoming a doctor comes to fruition!!!

12:01 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Manila, You are a brave woman and we need you to become a Doctor. As the previou comment states women are the backbone to the sucess of your country. DOM is making a small but significant contribution to creating a better world. We must all contribute to its future works.

5:59 pm  

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