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Friday, February 18, 2005

Birsa Kumar

Birsa"My name is Birsa Kumar. My father used to ride a rickshaw. After he died we brothers became orphans.
We were supported and cared for by my sister who was then 10 years old. We lived in a small shack by the roadside.
One day a charitable man had pity on me and took me to the Divine Onkar Mission Orphanage. Ever since then the Orphanage has been my guardian. Here my education, meals and general well being are taken care of very nicely. Now with your help I am having success in my life. Thank you all very very much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hearing such stories makes you truly appreciate what you have and not take anything for granted. Birsa, I wish you well and hope all your dreams come to pass.

11:10 pm  

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