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Saturday, January 01, 2005

New Years Eve

It is New Years Eve and our last night here. I have also been in bed since yesterday afternoon suffering from a fever and exhaustion. The picnic yesterday was fantastic, just great atmosphere. Watching 500 plus children walking the 3km to a clear flat area in the middle of a jungle was a site to see. The landscape was breathtaking, mountains all around with a stream passing by. There truly is so much beauty in India. There was lots to do, cricket, football, walking, dancing, eating and hiking. Afterwards we all walked back together. The children spoke more freely and we talked about how our worlds differed. Many told me we may see a elephant on the way home unfortenatly we didnt. Tonight is our last night. Many of children are getting upset, especially the younger ones. We are not looking forward to leaving tomorrow. The children are already upset and keep asking us not to go.

Here News Years celebrations start on early morning on News Years Day. Around 9pm I spoke with a few of the older children and we talked about what they did before here. It was funny cause they said they use to sleep around 8pm as they is no electricity in their village. When I told them in England we have electricity but at night people switch off the lights and light candles to relax we all laughed.

Happy New Year to Everyone


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