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Thursday, January 06, 2005


Originally uploaded by aashram.

We really miss everyone and looking forward to returning this year after the summer and monsoon months. This time our stay will be alot longer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

when you arrive its like coming home after a long time. yet you know you have never been here before.
the sea of smiling faces and the hearts filled with love and anticipation remind you immediately that life is much bigger than your small world!
here you can make a difference in a second. A smile costs nothing and a hand offered in friendship will be with you forever.

Noone asks anything of you yet you want to give,
noone has any expectations but you want to set your own,
noone cares why you came they are just glad you did!

And when your time comes to leave, the smiling,laughing faces show pain,
the eyes once filled with such anticipation become filled with tears
and your heart filled with unconditional love becomes heavy with the knowledge that your world will once again become small.
you know you are leaving the one place where your presence made a difference in ways you never imagined possible.
But noone begs you to stay they are just glad you came and will wait patiently to see you again. the crazy part is they see you as having such an important life and demand nothing of you.
One thing is for sure these children will never forget you nor you them!

9:26 am  
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