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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Since my last post I filmed 10 cataract operations which was an unbelievable experience. The surgeon talked me through every stage. We interviewed one the patients who I had followed since the camp. The story of their hardship was very hard to listen to and film. Christmas day was fun. The children all decorated the school and they designated me to blow the balloons. It is bizarre how you change here. In England I don't make friends easily and usually keep my distance here I have made more friends than I have in a lifetime. You totally reassess your life here and what's important.
Some days you can meet some totally stupid people, like the meeting we had with to men that decided to fence one of the schools with barbwire. The mentality here is very hard to digest at times. PTA meetings in schools turn into political fiasco. But I have to say it is rewarding. You are fighting a battle everyday, sometimes it feels pointless but you soon feel that at least you in the fight and not sitting in the sidelines.
Back to Christmas day, the kids all did a show, dances, comedy sketches, carol singing and a nativity play. Then at the end the kids wanted me and Monica to sing. Not likely so we made a sharp exit with a very quick speech.
I have found a company in the local town that will print off all the digital photos I have taken. We are gonna make a collage and put them on the wall in dorm corridor. I've also taken some family pics of the those kids that have some family. It would will be really nice to give the photos to the children for them to keep has they have nothing else.
I went to Ranchi yesterday. What a nightmare. The roads here are crazy. You have trucks, motorbikes, cars, rickshaws, bikes, cows, goats, chickens, dogs and people to look out for, all at once. It is congested beyond belief, no law and order visible at all. It sometimes feels like everyone is escaping a nuclear holocaust by any means. By the way no one wears a helmet and sometimes there about 4 on a single motorbike. Kids are perched on the front handlebars. Well where else would you put them? They would rather pay the fine for not wearing a helmet than buy a helmet as the fine is cheaper. What amazing logic.
Tomorrow there is a big outing for all 3 schools. We are going on a picnic with 500+ kids. Today I am doing jobs around the school.


Blogger simonw said...

Amar - I wondered how aware the people in Ranchi were of the recent terrible effects of the tsunami, that went across the Indian Ocean and whether any of the people you have met were affected by its terrible consequences.

12:54 pm  
Blogger Anonymous Realtor said...

I also would like to know what's happening in India re the tsunami and how it is affecting the people in the area where you are volunteering. Thanks for your blog and your volunteer efforts.

1:08 pm  

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