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Saturday, December 18, 2004

A Day Sight Seeing

The day started with being setup upon outside the hotel gate by a bunch of doggy nasty smelly taxi men. All we wanted to do was go for a walk. In the end with the walk lasting about 3 minutes or 4 paces. We then hired a driver from the hotel for the day and set off to firstly see the Gandhi museum, "Tees January Marg". It was surreal being at the same place where Gandhi lived and worked and was later assassinated. A life changing experience as I have followed his work so much for many years. We then travelled to "old delhi" to see Red Fort and Jama Masjid which are old Moghul buildings built in the 1600's by Shah Jahan (the guy behind Taj Mahal). Beauty has new meaning thats all I can say. "Old Delhi" is a very different place, it is very poor with shanty towns. Very upsetting to see. We then spent some time at Rajghat, Gandhi's memorial with eternal flame. Such a peaceful relaxing place. We then went on to see Anzal Plaza which is an American style mall, we shouldn't have bothered it was really crap, but we got the chance to get the driver a Mcdonalds so he was happy. Such a big divine between the people you have and the people you dont have.

Enough of the city and the luxury we're flying to Ranchi tomorrow morning.

Another story on the news. 2 ladies have got married in Amritsar in Punjab. Whats the problem? they married each other. Their parents, can you beleive, and the locals have complained and demonstrated and have asked the law to intervene but alas they cannot as there is no actual law to prohibit it. As camouflage one dresses as a man and they ride a motor bike around town. They stressed if they are seperated they will commit sucide. Problem is one of them was engaged to a man at the time. Jerry Springer could move his show here I reckon.


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Hi Amar & Monica

Hope your last flight was fine. Enjoying the comments. Take care


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