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Friday, December 17, 2004

Arrived in Delhi

We arrived ok and on time. We were greeted in customs with a queue which must have been a mile long, ok I lie about 500yards. Saw some cows and donkeys walk past outside the airport which was fun. The driver from the The Taj Hotel was well cool, he gave us a quick tour of the area around the hotel. We are next to India Gate and the Presidential Palace. They are amazing, so much beauty. The hotel is awesome, we are so impressed. We booked in and then took a driver to Connaught Place which is like a central shopping area. Its not far from the hotel. It was an experience I can tell you that. I am already speaking in a very strong indian accent :-). There's so much to take in - the colors, scenic areas and then the poverty and beggers. We weren't hassled too much but it is still very harrowing to see what looks like 14 year old girl with a child begging for money. We ate an aloo tikka burger from mcDonalds, it had to be done, and it was awful, not recommended at all.

We're very tired so spent this evening at Haweli which is an Indian restaurant at the hotel. It was very very different to what we are used to. The decor was fantastic. There were live dancers and music from a piano player. We kept requesting for certain songs that the Piano player then played. We stayed there for 3 hours!!. Very recommended. Tomorrow is full day of site seeing. I will post some pics tomorrow as I have wireless internet access in the hotel room :-)

A funny story I will leave you with. The news reported major delays at Mumbai Airport. The reason why? Someone has nicked, yes nicked the ILS landing beacons from the one of the runways. This is what aircraft use to locate and land the plane on the runnway. I am not surprised as when I looked out of the window during taxing at Delhi Airport I saw a bunch of kids on the runnway playing. A whole new world.


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